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In today’s hostile environment in Pakistan, a car tracker is a life savior. Nevertheless, before getting your hands on a car tracker, it is advisable to understand the technology it is equipped with. There are primarily two popular tracking technologies that are being used in a car tracker. These are given as follows:

  1. GPS (Global Positioning System)
  2. GMS (Global System for Mobile Communications)

In this article, we will delve into both of these technologies. We will comprehensively explore the differences between GPS and GSM tracking and discuss their suitability for Pakistani car owners.

What is GPS (Global Positioning System) Tracking?

GPS or Global Positioning System-based tracking relies on a vast network of satellites that orbit around the Earth. These satellites provide the coordinates that determine the location of the vehicle that uses GPS tracking systems. GPS car trackers provide real-time location updates, which makes them more reliable and accurate. This is a tried-and-tested global location tracking system that has proven its vitality over a period for various applications, including cars and vehicle tracking.

Advantages of a GPS Tracking System in Pakistan

GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking has a wide array of advantages for Pakistani car owners. They include the following:

  1. Real-time location information allows car owners to take real-time action
  2. Prompt update in case of unauthorized car usage or theft
  3. Enables car owners to create virtual boundaries (geo-fencing)
  4. Offers location history that can serve as evidence in case of theft
  5. Suitable for tracking cars across diverse terrains in Pakistan

Disadvantages of a GPS Tracking System in Pakistan

Just like every technology has some pros, it also has certain cons. GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking has the following disadvantages for Pakistani car owners:

  1. GPS signals are often weakened or lost in areas with tall buildings
  2. Generally, more expensive, therefore we save you from the huge costs by offering affordable car tracker prices.
  3. Continuous GPS usage may result in higher power consumption

What is Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Tracking?

In contrast to GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking, GSM tracking, also known as Global System for Mobile Communications, relies on cellular networks for fetching the location. Unlike GPS tracking, GSM does not rely on satellites and hence can only estimate location. It primarily uses cell/ network towers to triangulate the coordinates to determine the vehicle’s position.

Advantages of a GSM Tracking System in Pakistan

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) tracking has a wide array of advantages for Pakistani car owners. They include the following:

  1. GSM tracking systems are mostly more cost-effective than GPS
  2. GSM tracking can work even indoors where GPS signals might be weak
  3. Having the benefit of zero obstruction, GSM ensures continuous tracking
  4. Available in urban and rural areas of Pakistan (less likely to face signal loss)

Low power requirements, hence, longer battery life as compared to GPS

Disadvantages of a GSM Tracking System in Pakistan

Despite the wide array of benefits, Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) tracking has the following disadvantages for Pakistani car owners:

  1. GSM tracking may not be able to provide 100% accuracy
  2. In the absence of cellular towers, GSM tracking may not work
  3. GSM tracking can potentially lag, considering real-time updates

Car Tracking Technology Considerations for Pakistani Car Owners

With the rising concerns regarding vehicle theft and unauthorized car usage in Pakistan, practicality, promptness, and accuracy play a vital role in choosing between GPS and GSM tracking technologies.

While GPS tracking provides precision, accuracy, and real-time updates, GSM tracking is clearly a more affordable option for Pakistani car owners. Nevertheless, the ultimate answer would lie along the lines of a car tracking technology’s practicality, considering the specific needs and circumstances of Pakistani car owners.

Choosing the Optimal Balance

Now, let us look at the following keen factors to evaluate the choices and ensure an optimal balance between cost-effectiveness and functionality. Let’s look at the following points of consideration:

  1. Do I have frequent visits to urban areas? If yes, then GPS trackers may offer higher accuracy.
  2. Do I have frequent visits to indoor or remote areas? If yes, then GSM trackers are more reliable.
  3. How much precision and accuracy do I require? If you require more, GPS is your tracking friend.
  4. Do I need to have a prompt update in case of unauthorized usage? If yes, GPS is the right option.
  5. Do I require real-time updates and geofencing? If yes, GPS is more practical than GSM trackers.

Other Considerations

Other significant considerations include budget considerations; however, we are here to save you time and cost! We save you time by giving you the best car tracker packages available in Pakistan. AND – we save you cost – by making those packages so pocket-friendly that it will leave you surprised!

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