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Car Tracker Company in Islamabad

Car Tracker Price in Islamabad

Islamabad is the ninth most populous city in Pakistan with over 1.2 million people. It is famous for its unique blend of natural beauty and modernity. Due to the large number of tourists, Islamabad encountered major hurdles in controlling and managing the traffic. The cases of theft of cars increase day by day as Islamabad is a top-notch target for elite cars. To manage this problem Car Trackers can be a great help to citizens.

To ensure security, people use Car Tracker with many sound features for their vehicle and family protection. It will save them from traffic jams, car snatching, and road accidents. Moreover, future mishaps can be avoided by sharing live locations for safety. If you have your vehicle in Islamabad then this article is for you.

Car Tracker Price in Islamabad

Basic Plan

Rs 12,000

(Next year AMF will be PKR 8,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Standard Plan

Rs 16000

(Next year AMF will be PKR 10,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Premium Plan

Rs 20,000

(Next year AMF wil be PKR 12,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Why are Car Trackers Essential in Islamabad?

Islamabad is federally administered by the Government of Pakistan. As a part of capital security, the majority of cars are tracked to ensure the safety of international officials. Islamabad welcomes a huge number of visitors each year for different reasons. Business, education, jobs, tourism, and international guests are the main reasons for attraction in Islamabad.

Trackers not only protect your vehicles from the car mafia. But also monitors the condition of the car to its best. It has features that suggest short routes and save your time from traffic blockage. These features make your trip memorable, safe, and pleasant. Due to these reasons, citizens of Islamabad prefer to get their car trackers installed so they can enjoy the mesmerizing views of mountains uninterruptedly. 

Tracking Hub provides a versatile list of features for different kinds of budgets. Read below the features of TrackingHub so you can learn why it’s important. 

Features Provided by Car Trackers

Here are a few features of TrackingHub car trackers that will help you know why TrackingHub is the best choice.

  • 24/7 control room monitoring

We have a committed team that 24/7 constantly monitors the routes and collects data on your vehicle by the tracking system. Also, send alerts and notifications to the owner about unusual activities. This gives the peace of mind to the owner that their vehicle is well protected. 

  • Real-Time Tracking

We provide our clients with the facility of Real-Time Tracking. It helps them in providing accurate knowledge about traffic and other security considerations. This helps to avoid the chances of incidents by using GPS. It is not just for car owners only but it’s a perfect choice for fleet business owners. If you are running a company like Careem or Drive-in you can save your vehicles by using the TrackingHub car tracker. 

  • Battery Temper Alert

Battery Temper Alert is one of the highly demanded features of our customers. It continuously monitors the temperature of the vehicle’s battery. If the car tracker finds that the battery is being tempered or damaged, it sends an alert notification to the owner of the vehicle on the web portal or their mobile app. It will save you from any forge accident to occurs in the future. 

  • Web Access Portal

Web Access Portal is another feature that is provided by TrackingHub to clients. It is an online platform where our clients remotely monitor, control, and also manage their vehicle’s tracking data. Car owners with more than one or two cars can check the real-time locations of their cars. They can set some specific boundaries through geo-boundaries features to get alerts whenever their vehicle crosses that specific zone.

  • Mobile App iOS/Android

A mobile app allows our clients to access their vehicle’s information. The app is available for Android and iOS users. Like their current location, check the vehicle speed, and vehicle history. Users can do everything remotely by just using this app on their smartphones. 

  • Maintenance Alert

 Maintenance Alert is another crucial feature. As TrackingHub car trackers a machines, they also need maintenance from time to time. This feature is essential and will be notified to be checked. Whenever it does need maintenance, we officially send our clients maintenance alerts. If any repair and maintenance are required, we will schedule a visit. 

Different uses of Car Trackers in Islamabad 

Islamabad holds a supreme value due to the state capital. This city is a mixture of modernism, versatility, and elite culture. The city has eagle-eyed security due to its federal importance. A huge number of tourists from Pakistan visit each year as a result the city traffic is impacted by it.

So, it is very important to make sure the security is foolproof. Government institutes and law enforcement agencies use car trackers because these are very helpful in detecting any suspicious activities or tracking who is involved in any criminal activities.

Businesses in Islamabad use car trackers for fleet management and on-time delivery. It helps them control and manage the fleets of vehicles to maintain timely deliveries and ensure efficient routing. Better services help maintain good and regular customers for a longer time.

While traveling it is essential to assure your safety. Car tracker allows an individual to share their live location with their family, friends, or emergency contacts to alert authorities in case of any emergency. In case of gunpoint snatching, the car can still be located via its live location. You can get back your beloved car with the help of authorities and TrackingHub car trackers. 

For the residents of Islamabad, car trackers are important to keep their vehicles safe and secure. This significant city has its charm and beauty. Despite its security, there are many cases of car theft and snatching.  

Due to these reasons, they need a car tracker to save their vehicles. TrackingHub car trackers provide many essential features to their clients and ensure the safety of their vehicles. 

From sharing your vehicle’s live- locations to sending different alerts to the owner about your Car’s activities. For more information visit their website. You should trust TrackingHub car trackers for your vehicle and your protection.

Installation and Support in Islamabad 

You can contact us at official numbers(+92-346-2227799) to book an installation or for your car tracker inspection. Visit our website for further details. You can also email your feedback and complaints to This will help us improve.