Bike Tracker Companies in Pakistan


Are you concerned about your bike security and searching for the best bike tracking company in Pakistan? Then you are at the right place to inquire. In this modern age of technology, it is no longer difficult to secure your motorcycle. Bike tracker companies in Pakistan are leading the way in this revolution, providing reliable solutions to safeguard your bike ride. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best bike tracker companies in Pakistan, providing insight into their capabilities and how they are working on motorcycle safety in Pakistan.

The Importance of Bike Trackers

In Pakistan, Bike trackers were essential tools for protecting motorcycles against robbery. These compacted devices utilize cutting-edge technology to provide real-time location data, encouraging owners to locate and recover their bikes immediately.

How Bike Trackers Work in Pakistan

Recognizing the difficulties of how bike trackers are utilized is crucial for bike owners seeking the best security solutions. Bike tracker companies in Pakistan utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide real-time location data, enabling bike owners to track and recapture their robbed motorcycles rapidly. These small devices are a technological aid, connecting the gap between possible loss and immediate recovery.

Bike Trackers Companies in Pakistan Redefining Security

Alpha track

Alpha Track is one of the leading car tracker company in Pakistan that works 24/7 to help you manage your vehicle without any problems. Our highly qualified and proficient team of experts is enabling new businesses to track vehicles at affordable prices. We strive to satisfy you by providing exceptional results in the shortest period.

Tracking hub

Tracking hub is the best GPS tracker company in Islamabad, Pakistan, which has been assisting the automobile industry for the past few years by providing a secure car tracking system throughout multiple cities of Pakistan.


As our slogan says it all, we want to redefine the tracking in terms of its application in every field of life through IoT solutions, cutting edge technology and strategic innovation. We provide a wide range of personal vehicle and assets tracking and fleet management systems nationwide at competitive prices with reliable infrastructure and services.

Tracker zone

Tracker Zone offers a 3x GPS protection system that has all the necessary features to prevent your car from being stolen at any cost. Having smart GPS car tracking and control services on your side can ensure that car lifters will never be able to steal your car. 

Sign track

They also claimed to be the most reliable tracking company in Pakistan, we prioritize your vehicle’s safety with enhanced GPS technology and nationally coverage. Our unique systems provide modified security solutions for your assets, ensuring a secure environment for you and your loved ones.

Tracker expert

We specialize in providing the highest-quality Car Trackers for businesses and individuals alike. With our excellent commitment warranty, you can monitor and manage your vehicles online effortlessly. Utilizing advanced technology, our Car Trackers offer real-time monitoring and are accessible from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC.

Bike Trackers Features

Some of the features are:

Real-Time Tracking

Instantly locate your bike with accurate real-time tracking, enhancing recovery opportunities in case of theft.

Remote Immobilization

Take control of your bike with just a click, preventing thieves from entering their tracks.

Extended Battery Life

Enjoy long-lasting reliability with extended battery life, guaranteeing continuous protection without frequent recharging.

Tamper Alerts

Receive instant notifications if there is any attempt to tamper with or remove the tracker, adding an additional layer of deterrence.

Nationwide Coverage

Benefit from extensive coverage across the country, ensuring that your bike is protected regardless of where it goes.

Geofencing Capabilities

Set virtual boundaries and receive alerts if your bike moves beyond specified areas, adding additional security.

Compact and Discreet Design

Our bike trackers are designed for theft, ensuring that your security measures are secure.

User-Friendly Mobile App

Easily monitor and manage your bike’s safety through an intuitive mobile app, allowing you to control it.

Historical Route Playback

Review your bike’s travel history with playback features, providing insight into its usage patterns.

24/7 Customer Support

Rest assured with dependable customer service, ready to assist you in any situations or emergencies.

Bike Tracker Price

Basic Models

Entry-level bike trackers begin at around PKR 5,000, offering essential tracking features for budget-conscious users.

Mid-Range Options

Mid-tier bike trackers with improved functionality typically range between PKR 8,000 to PKR 12,000, resulting in a balance between affordability and advanced features.

Advanced Security Systems

High-end bike trackers equipped with cutting-edge technology such as geofencing and remote immobilization can cost anywhere from PKR 15,000 to PKR 20,000, ensuring superior security.

Subscription Plans

Keep in mind potential subscription costs for continuous tracking services. Monthly plans start from PKR 500, offering additional benefits and support.

Installation Charges

The cost of installation charges may range from PKR 1,000 to PKR 3,000 depending on the complexity of the system and professional installation requirements.


In conclusion, the increasing number of bike tracker companies in Pakistan is indicating the increasing awareness and concern for motorcycle security in the region. As individuals and businesses increasingly prioritize the safety of their two-wheeled assets, these companies are a crucial component in providing innovative and reliable tracking solutions. These bike tracker companies cater to the diverse needs of the Pakistani market with advanced technologies, real-time monitoring, and user-friendly interfaces. As the demand for effective anti-theft measures continues to increase, the future appears promising for these companies, positioning them as essential partners in safeguarding motorcycles across the world. Select a bike tracker in Pakistan that is compatible with your security needs and ensures a secure environment for riders and businesses alike.

Fleet GPS Management System Cost


In the future of fleet management, Fleet GPS Tracking Systems is the game-changer that’s transforming the way we navigate efficiently. These cutting-edge systems are not just tools; they are the architects of streamlined operations, using satellite wizardry to optimize your fleet’s every move.

Imagine a symphony of precision where your vehicles engage in the GPS beat, effortlessly monitored, and managed. These systems are your business’s secret sauce, bringing you into an era of unmatched effectiveness.

Join us as we uncover the magic – exploring features, unlocking various uses, and decoding the cost. Fleet GPS Tracking Systems are not just about data; they are about transforming your fleet into a masterpiece of excellence. Buckle up for a journey where technology meets artistry, and success is the destination! Your fleet’s grand performance begins here.

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Features of Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking: Stay informed with instant updates on your fleet’s location, ensuring that you are always in control.
  • Route Optimization: Increase efficiency by finding the most suitable routes, minimizing travel time and fuel consumption.
  • Maintenance Scheduling: Maintaining vehicle health with scheduled maintenance, reducing downtime and unexpected breakdowns.
  • Geofencing: Set virtual perimeters to receive alerts and alerts when vehicles enter or exit predetermined areas, enhancing security and operational control.
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring: Keeping a close eye on driver performance, promoting safe driving habits, and reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Reduction of Fuel Consumption: Leverage data to identify fuel-wasting patterns and implement strategies for cost-effective fuel consumption.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Enhance overall safety standards by utilizing features that promote responsible driving behavior and minimize potential hazards.

Uses of Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

Fleet GPS Tracking Systems encompasses various industries, including transportation, logistics, construction, and delivery services. In addition to real-time tracking, these systems can assist in route planning, theft prevention, and maintenance scheduling. The granular data they provide empowers businesses to make informed decisions, resulting in improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced customer satisfaction.


How Much Does the Fleet GPS Cost?

The cost of a Fleet GPS Tracking System is determined by factors such as the number of vehicles, features required, and the provider’s pricing model. The initial setup cost can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per car.

What is the Average Cost of a GPS Tracker?

The cost of an individual GPS tracker varies based on its specifications and capabilities. Basic models may start at around $50, while advanced trackers with additional features can cost upwards of $200.

How Much Does Fleet Management Cost?

The cost of fleet management is contingent on the chosen software or service provider. Subscription-based models often range from $20 to $100 per vehicle per month, depending on the features included.

Fleet GPS Tracking Systems Cost in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the cost of Fleet GPS Tracking Systems is comparable to the cost of a similar global trend. Factors such as the provider, features, and the size of the fleet contribute to the cost of the fleet. Local providers may provide customized solutions to the specific needs of businesses operating in the Pakistani market.

How Much Does GPS Cost to Operate?

The operational cost of GPS is based on subscription fees, maintenance, and potential data charges. On average, operational expenses can range from $10 to $50 per car.

Best Fleet GPS Tracking Systems Cost?

Choosing the most suitable Fleet GPS Tracking System involves weighing the features, reliability, and cost. Providers such as Geotab, Verizon Connect, and Samsara offer comprehensive solutions, with costs varying based on the chosen features and services.

How Much Is a Fleet of Cars?

The cost of assembling a fleet of cars depends on factors such as the make and model of the vehicles, whether new or used, and any additional features. A fleet of cars can cost between tens of thousands to millions of dollars.


In conclusion, investing in a Fleet GPS Tracking System is a crucial move for businesses to optimize their operations and enhance overall efficiency. By understanding the complexities of the associated costs, businesses can make informed decisions that align with their specific needs and objectives. The journey to successful fleet management begins with a GPS system that is not only suitable for the budget but also enables the business to achieve success.

How does GPS Car Tracking System Enhancing Vehicle Security

GPS Car Tracking System

Are you looking for the best possible ways to make your vehicles more secure? Trackinghub is here to assist you in your vehicle security by providing the most effective safety measures. Vehicles are valuable assets in our life. Anything valuable is vulnerable to theft and unauthorized usage. While it is impossible to stop a thief from stealing your car, our tracking system, which includes GPS car trackers, is available on the market to help trace it. Most vehicles do not have theft prevention technology installed but locks and hardware components. These components can be opened and tempered by an experienced thief. However, GPS car tracking technology can enhance your vehicle’s security. This article will tell you how GPS car tracking technology enhances the security of your vehicle.


What is the importance of GPS tracking in vehicles?

According to a recent survey, there is a large number of vehicle which has been stolen and don’t have a car tracking system in them. In the vintage era, vehicle theft was uncommon because only a few families could afford it. However, with the increase in vehicle ownership, there is a hike in vehicle theft. You can install a GPS tracker inside your vehicle to get a detailed insight into all important aspects. You can control fuel consumption, prevent unauthorized access, avoid overspeeding, and get the real-time location of your car. All these features and many others are important to keep your vehicle secure..

Additional tracking features

The GPS car tracking devices offer a lot of convenient features. The most accessible feature that can stop a thief from stealing your car is ignition disabling. You can stop your car from starting with just a button press. This feature works only because the GPS car trackers have SMS alerts or alarm features. The system generates a message immediately when it senses something wrong. The authorized usage feature stops unauthorized people from using your car. The most orthodox but handy feature of a GPS car tracking system is real-time tracking information. Several other features will also help you enhance the security of your vehicle.

Why you choose GPS car tracker?

The GPS car tracking technology offers many benefits for vehicle security. You can control the movement of your personal vehicle and the business fleet. A car tracking system has real-time tracking technology that allows you to monitor where your car is heading. You can prevent unauthorized people from entering your car and damaging the interior. Fuel consumption reports and speed insights are essential to control your driver’s behavior. A GPS car tracker can check the engine’s health and also jam it. Along with all these benefits, you can get some additional unique features with extraordinary benefits that indeed add value to your vehicle’s security.

  • Since GPS tracking devices provide near-real-time location data, you can keep track of your assets’ location in real-time.
  • This systems provide historical tracking data that can be used to study past movements and spot strange activities that happens with your cars and vehicles.
  • With it’s geofencing system, you are able to create virtual boundaries around certain sites and be alerted when a tracked vehicle or your asset enters or leaves the area you have created.
  • There are several ways in which you can set up alerts, including a warning if your vehicle speeds, idles, or brakes hard.
  • As GPS tracking devices are able to provide information on the use of vehicles, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs, they assist corporations in the management of their fleets.
  • In addition to providing protection and peace of mind for people, GPS tracking systems can also be used as a means of ensuring equipment, containers, and freight are safe and secure.
  • There is a lot of potential for GPS tracking systems to enhance the level of safety by keeping a close eye on driver behavior, facilitating in-car training, and reducing the probability of collisions and accidents.
  • Users can save money by using GPS tracking devices to improve fuel efficiency, vehicle upkeep, and insurance premiums.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does real-time car tracking help improve vehicle security?

Real-time car tracking might not feel as effective as ignition disabling and SMS alerts, but it has a fair share in improving vehicle security. With real-time car tracking technology, you can check the live location of your vehicle. It is a critical feature to keep a check on your driver, subordinate, or teen child.

What are the benefits of using GPS car tracking technology for fleet management?

Fleet management is critical to your business, especially when considering delivering goods to customers. A GPS car tracking system can help you manage fuel expenses by viewing the fuel consumption report. Moreover, you can monitor your drivers’ behaviour by looking at the speeding details and braking patterns. The real-time location is also important to check your vehicle’s location. Geo-fencing restricts your fleet to a bordered area.

Can a car with GPS be tracked if stolen?

The GPS car tracking systems are developed to keep your vehicle as safe as possible. A reliable GPS car tracking system can trace your vehicle if it is stolen. You can give access to real-time tracking to police. These real-time location insights will never let the thief vanish in thin air.

Future of GPS car tracking technology

Car tracking technology is evolving on a daily basis very rapidly. Scientists are working continuously to bring improvements and innovations in already developed network components and security systems. Business entities invest in GPS tracking to control fleet movements and improve security. Individuals can also track their vehicles to prevent the risk of getting stolen. After reviewing all the benefits of this unique car tracking system in 2023, you all are recommended to use this security system in your vehicles with no worries and get inclusive pricing and use of the GPS car tracking system at AlphaTrack, which offers the best tracker services throughout Pakistan.

For the safety of your vehicles and the latest news in the automobile industry, follow us at our Official Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Accounts. Please book your free call with our team of experts now for further discussion and details

Benefits of GPS tracking System


In the world of transportation, new technologies are emerging and very beneficial for consumers. GPS tracker is one of them. In our modern lives, cars are a huge investment, requiring care too. Carelessness results in the loss of the vehicle. One way to secure your car is to install trackers to track your vehicles properly.This blog highlights the advancement in automobile industry with  many benefits of GPS tracking system.

Table of content

  • Increase security
  • Employee Tracking
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Asset Tracking
  • Instant Alerts
  • Reduces time spend on the road
  • Less paperwork
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Cost Saving
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Vehicle and driver safety
  • Improved administration
  • Improved life cycle management
  • Vehicle utilization

1. Increase security

improved security with GPS Tracking

You can track whether your work vehicle is in a safe location if you know its current position. Some GPS monitoring systems have an SOS button that drivers can use if they become stranded and want assistance.

The button quickly sends an alarm to the fleet manager, who may dispatch assistance as soon as feasible. If the manager knows the car’s location, they will know which vehicle to deliver to the emergency.

2. Employee Tracking

This tracking system tracks not just the vehicle but also the driver. The system gives a live map that is virtually instantaneously updated. With current tracking software, you can also receive notifications whenever your employee or driver engages in non-compliant behavior, such as rapid braking, speeding, swerving, etc.

With such precise data, you can keep track of each driver and how carefully they adhere to company regulations and traffic laws.

3. Vehicle Maintenance

A vehicle tracking system will notify you anytime the vehicle requires maintenance. This guarantees that all vehicle servicing needs are met and reduces unplanned costs and damages.

4. Reduced Downtime

By assisting you in finding effective routes, you will enhance productivity by reducing downtime. It helps delivery organizations ensure that all deliveries are done on schedule while reducing gasoline expenses. As a result, your reputation improves alongside your overhead expense.

5. Asset tracking

When you have access to the real-time position of each vehicle, you can quickly track all of your assets. They can be quickly recovered if they are lost or stolen. Some systems can also monitor vehicle temperature, engine oil, fuel level, etc.

6. Instant Alerts

Geofencing is a feature in car tracking systems that allows you to set up an area that you feel is safe for employees or even set up as a business zone. You will receive a warning when your car leaves the predefined area, preventing drivers from wandering off to non-work locations or entering dangerous zones.

Similarly, if you press the SOS mentioned above button, you will receive quick alerts in an emergency.

7. Reduces Time Spent on the Road

Because of the ongoing real-time monitoring, the tracking system also minimizes wasteful engine idling by employees. In addition, the fleet manager can hunt for better routes with less traffic or no delays due to road works or other factors. This results in less idle time on the road, more daily trips, and higher productivity while using less fuel.

8. Less Paperwork

As everything gets digital, you will have less paperwork because you only need one app for your fleet-related data needs. The location may be checked via the app or website without needing to record anything manually. This eliminates errors that arise when tasks are completed manually.

9. Improved Customer Satisfaction

All of the above benefits lead to increased customer satisfaction. Increased productivity and more efficient routes translate into better service for delivery companies.

10. Cost Saving

By improving fuel management, eliminating irresponsible driving, and improving time management, you can significantly reduce your fleet expenditures.

11. Insurance discounts

Many insurance companies provide discounts to businesses that use vehicle monitoring systems for fleet management. As a result, these discounts imply even more significant cost savings.

12.  Vehicle and driver safety

With these tracking systems, road accidents can be avoided, and difficulties on the road, such as road works and traffic congestion can be reduced. Another advantage provided by the method is theft prevention.

13. Improved Administration

Vehicle tracking systems make administration easier. All the time saved on administration can be used to focus on other activities requiring more attention, leading to increased corporate efficiency.

14. Improved Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management is a vital component of efficient fleet management. A vehicle tracking system gives data on the vehicle and the driver, allowing for more efficient lifecycle management.

15. Vehicle Utilization

Now that you can access a wealth of data from your vehicle tracking system, you will drive more efficiently. Everything will be enhanced, from better fuel usage to more efficient routes.

These are just a few advantages of a vehicle tracking system. The system provides numerous additional benefits, demonstrating that this is a long-term investment that is both safe and profitable.


Track your vehicles with free car tracking applications; Cars are essential to transport in today’s life. It is of valuable investment and helpful in our daily lives. GPS tracker systems are inventions of modern technology.
It helps to improve the work of cars and make them secure. GPS trackers have many benefits, which are helpful for business owners and domestic users.

GPS tracker devices in Pakistan


Have you ever lost your car, vehicle, or bike in a crowded parking lot or need help finding your phone in your home? It’s an irritating experience that can quickly become stressful, especially if you’re on a busy schedule. But what if we told you there was a solution to this problem? Luckily, several GPS trackers can relieve stress and help you in this kind of critical situation. What is a GPS tracker? And these GPS tracker devices help you in Pakistan? We’ll answer your queries further in this blog. 


These GPS devices can easily fit in the car/vehicle/bike, yet they can accurately track the location of your valuable assets. To help you pick one, we provide factors, types, and Benefits of GPS trackers. Whether you’re a busy business owner or someone who frequently misplaces their valuable things, these trackers will help you keep tabs on your valuables and ensure they always stay present. So stay with us and get valuable insight into GPS tracking.

Table of content:

  • What is GPS Tracker
  • Factors to consider
  • Benefits of GPS Tracker
  • Types of GPS Trackers
  • Conclusion

What is a GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker is a device that uses global positioning system technology to determine the precise location of your vehicle or object to which it is attached. GPS trackers come in various forms and can be attached to anything from a person to a vehicle to a package – that needs to be tracked. It works using a constellation of satellites orbiting around the Earth. These satellites emit signals that a GPS receiver, attached to the tracked object, picks up and uses to determine its precise location. This can be superbly helpful for finding lost items, keeping an eye on vehicles, or making sure someone is safe and where they should be.

Factors to consider

When you purchase a GPS tracker for your vehicle these factors to consider to buy best option.

Tracing Accuracy

The GPS tracker you purchase should also be accurate in tracing the location. Ensure that the tracing accuracy of the GPS tracker is precise, with a range of 5 to 15 meters. This ensures that you can effectively monitor the movements of your target.


Consider the coverage offered by your GPS tracker. Some trackers are limited in their coverage range, which means that they cannot be used when tracking in certain areas. Ensure that the tracker you purchase offers good coverage, irrespective of location.

Attachment Options

GPS trackers come with varied attachment options. If you intend to attach it to a vehicle, you might require a magnetic or adhesive mount. Alternatively, a wristband or necklace attachment would be appropriate if you need to connect it to a person.

Environmental Durability

Consider the environmental durability of your GPS tracker. Bikes are exposed to the elements, so Trackers for bikes often have better weatherproofing to protect the device from rain, dust, and other environmental factors. This will ensure that your GPS tracker can continue to work, even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Battery Life

The battery life of your tracker is also an essential factor to consider. Depending on usage, most trackers have a battery life of 1 to 3 weeks. However, some GPS trackers have a longer battery life; thus, ensure you consider your needs and select one with an appropriate battery life.

Security Features

The GPS tracker you buy should have security features that limit unauthorized access to data. It should have password-protected access, ensuring that only authorized persons can access your data.

Mobile App Compatibility

Finally, ensure that the GPS tracker you purchase is compatible with your mobile device. This capability allows customers to supervise an entire fleet of cars on a single GPS Tracker for each vehicle. You should be able to monitor your GPS tracker from your mobile app quickly. The mobile app should have intuitive navigation and be user-friendly, making tracking smooth and effortless.

Benefits of GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are an excellent tool for businesses that deal with the delivery or transportation of goods. It helps them keep track of their fleet, monitor driver behavior, and ensure timely delivery of goods. GPS trackers for vehicles can provide:

    • Real-time location updates.
    • Giving businesses and individuals peace of mind.
    • Increased security.
    • Improved efficiency in managing their vehicles and assets.
    • Give real-time your vehicle tracking solutions.

    Parents use GPS trackers to keep track of their children’s where abouts, providing them peace of mind. They are also increasingly used by pet owners who want to ensure the safety of their pets and track their movements.

    Types of GPS Tracker

    GPS trackers come in different shapes and sizes, and can be classified based on their purpose. Some of the most common types of GPS trackers include

    1. Personal GPS Tracker: This is used to track people. It is generally used by parents to keep track of their children, or by elderly people who may need assistance in case of an emergency.

    2. Vehicle GPS Tracker: GPS trackers make great contributions to the automobile industry. People who have their vehicles are using these car trackers, taking benefits from the GPS vehicle trackers by improving the security of their vehicles. GPS car trackers locate the real-time location of your vehicle everywhere at any time. This small tracking device can easily be installed in your bikes, cars, or any other vehicles and level up the security and prevent the ratio of theft of your assets. Find the top 10 vehicle tracker companies offering you the best car tracker services.

    3. Asset GPS Tracker: This type of tracker is used to keep track of valuable assets, such as packages or equipment. It helps businesses track the location of their assets in real-time and prevent theft or messiness.

    4. Fitness GPS Tracker: While not exclusively GPS trackers, many fitness wearables use GPS to track activities like running, cycling, and hiking, providing data on distance, pace, and routes.

    5. Real Time GPS Tracker: GPS trackers can provide real-time location data, allowing users to track movements and receive updates at regular intervals. This can be useful for monitoring the progress of shipments, verifying the whereabouts of a loved one, or ensuring the security of a vehicle.


    In conclusion, GPS trackers have revolutionized how we track and monitor assets, vehicles, and even individuals. Their wide-ranging applications, from improving fleet management to ensuring personal safety, highlight their significance in today’s interconnected world. As technology continues to advance, we can expect GPS trackers to become even more accurate, efficient, and integrated into various aspects of our lives. GPS trackers undoubtedly play a vital role in shaping the future of tracking and location-based services with the potential to enhance security, streamline operations, and provide valuable insights.


    Top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan

    Top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan

    Are you an individual or a company holder, or do you own your vehicle and want to make your car more secure by tracking companies? Do you know what services these vehicle tracking companies offer? What are the profits of using vehicle tracking? If these questions pinch your mind, you will get all the answers in this blog.

    ln Pakistan, Car Trackers has been gaining popularity with each passing day. This is because of the increasing rates of car theft and road accidents. To cater to this demand, there are several vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan. These companies provide reliable and efficient vehicle tracking solutions to their customers. Let’s take a closer look at these Top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan and their services. It can also help in recovering stolen vehicles and preventing unauthorized use. These companies offer a range of services, including GPS tracking, real-time monitoring, route optimization, vehicle diagnostics, fuel monitoring, and remote engine immobilization. They also offer mobile apps and web platforms for customers to track their vehicles.

    The benefits of using a vehicle tracking system include improved fast management, increased efficiency, and productivity, reduced fuel consumption and costs, and improved driver behavior. Here we focus on the Top 10 vehicle tracking company in Pakistan and provide a table of contents to help you navigate.

    Table of contents:

    1.  Top 10 Vehicle Tracking Companies in Pakistan
    2.  Alpha track
    3. Tracker zone
    4. Tracking hub
    5. Pakistan Tracking Solution
    6. Star Tracking
    7. Falcon-i
    8. Trakker
    9. GPS Trackers
    10. Jazz Tracking
    11.  Geo Track
    12. Conclusion

    Top 10 Vehicles Tracking Companies in Pakistan:

    Here are the top 10 vehicle tracking companies of Pakistan. In this blog We are going to discuss their features and packages in detail. These companies mainly include:

    1. Alpha track

    Alpha Track is one of Pakistan’s leading vehicle-tracking companies that has been providing tracking solutions for more than a decade. The company uses advanced technology to monitor vehicles in real time. Their features include real-time tracking, route management, and remote immobilization. Alpha Track’s services are available for cars, buses, and motorcycles. It is a compact and streamlined device that offers advanced mixing and editing capabilities, as well as seamless integration with popular DAW software. With its high-quality faders, knobs, and buttons, the Alpha track provides precise control over your music projects, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of the recordings. Overall, Alpha Track is an indispensable tool for professional music producers, composers, and sound engineers who want to take their work to the next level.

    2. Tracker zone

    Tracker Zone provides a range of tracking services for individuals and businesses. The company offers a variety of tracking devices including GPS trackers, RFID tags, and Bluetooth beacons. Tracker Zone’s tracking services are designed to provide real-time visibility into the location and status of assets. Tracker Zone is committed to providing reliable and cost-effective tracking solutions to its customers, helping businesses in Pakistan optimize their operations and improve their bottom line.

    3. Tracking hub

    A tracking hub company mentions to a business and organization that provides vehicle security services and it’s the organization for tracking your various valuable vehicle assets. They typically develop and maintain systems that allow for real-time monitoring and handling of the movement of items or data throughout a supply chain or logistical network. The primary purpose of a tracking hub company is to enable efficient car tracking and tracing of assets, which can include physical products, vehicles, or even digital information. They utilize knowledge such as GPS, and RFID, sensors, and other tracking devices to gather relevant data.

    This may contain providing a user interface or dashboard that allows users to access real-time updates on the location, position, and condition of their properties. tracking hub company plays attractive operational efficiency, improving customer satisfaction.

    4. Pakistan Tracking Solution

    Pakistan Tracking Solution is a cutting-edge technology that allows individuals and businesses to track their vehicles in real time. This solution utilizes GPS technology to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the location, speed, and direction of the vehicle. With Pakistan Tracking Solution, owners can monitor their vehicles remotely, which can help to increase operational efficiency and improve customer service. This solution is user-friendly and can be accessed via a mobile app or web browser, making it easy to use and manage.

    5. Star Tracking

    Star Tracking is one of the leading vehicle-tracking company in Pakistan. The company specializes in providing high-quality GPS tracking solutions to businesses and individuals who want to monitor their vehicles in real time. Star Tracking utilizes the latest technologies to provide accurate and reliable information about vehicle location, speed, and direction. The company’s solutions are user-friendly and can be accessed through a mobile app or web browser, making it easy. With Star Tracking, businesses can improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer service.

    6. Falcon-i

    Falcon-i is a leading technology company in Pakistan offering innovative and reliable solutions in the field of vehicle tracking and rapid management. With over 2,500 customers across the country, Falcon-i’s cutting-edge technology enables businesses to optimize their operations, increase efficiency and reduce costs. The company offers a range of services including real-time GPS vehicle tracking, fuel management, route planning, and driver monitoring. Falcon-i’s state-of-the-art systems also include alerts and notifications, remote immobilization, and tamper-proof devices ensuring the utmost security for your fleet.

    7. Trakker

    Trakker is one of the most affordable vehicles tracking company in Pakistan. The company offers real-time tracking, alerts for emergencies, and speed monitoring services. Additionally, their services are available for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The systems allow users to track their vehicles and personnel with real-time location updates. They offer a comprehensive suite of features that include route optimization, geofencing, driver behavior analysis, and fuel consumption tracking. With these systems, users can monitor their assets’ locations, speed, and other important information to make informed decisions about their operations.

    8. GPS Trackers

    GPS Tracker is a highly regarded tracking company in Pakistan that provides customers with complete GPS tracking solutions. They offer a wide range of tracking devices and software applications that cater to both personal and commercial needs. GPS tracker’s advanced tracking technology allows users to track their assets in real time, receive alerts, generate reports, and monitor driver behavior. Overall, GPStracker is a reliable and trusted tracking company in Pakistan that has helped numerous customers achieve their tracking goals.

    9. Jazz Tracking

    Jazz Tracking is a vehicle tracking system based on the latest GPS technology. It helps individuals and businesses to track their vehicles in real-time, monitor their movement, and optimize their routes. Jazz tracking provides a variety of features such as location tracking, speed monitoring, and fuel consumption measurement. The automated alerts in case of any emergency or unexpected events. Overall, this system is well-suited for fleet management and logistics operations and can significantly improve the efficiency and safety of the transportation industry.

    10. Geo Track

    Geo Track is a comprehensive vehicle tracking solution offered by GeoVision Technologies. It is equipped with advanced GPS technology, which provides customers with accurate and reliable tracking data. Geo Track offers a multitude of features, such as real-time location updates, route optimization, speed monitoring, and fuel management. The driver behavior analysis. This system is ideal for both personal and commercial use, as it can help businesses manage their fleets more efficiently while allowing individuals to keep an eye on their vehicles’ whereabouts. Geo Track is an affordable and reliable vehicle tracking system that can offer peace of mind and security to its customers.


    In conclusion, these top 10 vehicle tracking companies are pioneers in the GPS tracking industry. They have proven their excellence in delivering cutting-edge solutions to help businesses and individuals track their assets, vehicles, and personnel. With their advanced technology services, these companies have helped improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and enhance efficiency for countless clients in Pakistan. As the necessity for tracking services continues to grow, these companies are constantly adapting and innovating to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients. Overall, these top 10 vehicle tracking companies are a testament to the innovation and progress being made in the GPS tracking industry in Pakistan.

    Above mention, the top 10 vehicle-tracking companies in Pakistan offer reliable and efficient vehicle-tracking solutions for their customers. With the increasing demand for vehicle tracking in Pakistan, these companies are providing a safer and more secure driving experience for vehicle owners.

    Free car Tracking Applications for I-Phone

    free car tracking applications for i phone

    Are you an I-phone user and want to make your vehicle secure with a vehicle tracking app? Here are the top 5 free car tracking application for I-phone that helps optimize your routes and enhance your vehicle security. The good news is that you’re spoiled for options when discovering genuinely helpful vehicle monitoring apps. While selecting one in iPhone that works for your fleet can be difficult, we come in because we’ve scoured the industry to uncover several vehicle tracker companies offer monitoring applications explicitly designed for I-phone.

    Top five free vehicle tracking apps on I-Phone

    • MyCarTracks Vehicle Tracker
    • GPS Car Tracker – Find My Car
    • RecovR: Vehicle Theft Recovery
    • ikon Connect
    • Global Track GPS

    1. MyCarTracks Vehicle Tracker

    It is an automatic vehicle tracking in iPhone. MyCarTracks is a time-tested system that allows businesses and individuals to track their vehicles without incurring additional installation or maintenance fees. MyCarTracks is a time-tested system that allows businesses and individuals to track their vehicles without incurring additional installation or maintenance fees. This programme replaces old-fashioned GPS hardware and is all you need.

    2. GPS Car Tracker – Find My Car

    It helps to track the live location of the car. It is designed for both IOS and i-phones X series. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE MY CAR IS? HELP ME FIND MY CAR! Or risk incurring a costly late parking fine? If so, “GPS Car Tracker” is the app for you! It is a free application for I phone users. This auto-locating app remembers and displays the position of your shopping parking spot, camping spot, bus stop, hotel, trailhead, or any other location you want to return to quickly. Stay caught up. Car Tracker’s reminder feature alerts you when your parking ticket expires.

    3. RecovR: Vehicle Theft Recovery

    Downloading this powerful free app will allow you to locate your stolen car efficiently using I-phone.Check if your vehicle has been towed, find your car if you forgot where you parked, locate a delinquent teenager who’s missed curfew, can lock the car in the specific location and can check for any suspicious activity.

    4. Ikon Connect

    Ikon Connect gives outstanding performance using real-time data. Quickly determine the current location of your vehicle. Keep track of all of your automobiles. Promptly locate nearby banks, hotels, and restaurants. Secure your vehicle by establishing Geofences and then configuring personal alerts. Receive speeding alerts. View trip history reports for vehicles. Use the Stolen mode to recover your car faster.

    5. Global Track GPS

    Faster automobile sales and loan processing free app. It helps to locate automobiles faster and with more precision. Reduce recovery costs by hastening vehicle recovery.Instantly scan, decode, and auto-populate VINs without having to enter data. View essential vehicle data on a single screen for faster decisions. Use device technologies for the best coverage, connections, and network access.


    In our modern life, transportation is an important element of life. Vehicles are an excellent investment and have to secure by different methods. The GPS tracking system is one of them. In IOS and I phone series, free car tracking applications are also available that helps to track vehicle quickly. The applications mentioned above also provide additional services. Go through them and find the exclusive details.
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    The Environmental Impact of Car Trackers: A Look at Eco-Friendly Practices in Pakistan

    The Environmental Impact of Car Trackers

    In a bustling street of Pakistan, where honking cars echo through the air, the conversation about sustainable living is now more important than ever. This blog looks into the story of a car tracker and its often-overlooked environmental impact. 

    It’s more than a tool to help recover your vehicle after theft; it is a device that has far-reaching abilities to stitch a greener fabric in the tapestry of Pakistan.

    Let’s Start with an Interesting Fact:

    Your car tracker has undergone a great deal of transformation to ensure that it uses the least amount of energy possible. Through advanced technologies, like low-power microprocessors and intelligent sleep modes, it now touts an energy consumption that is so low it can be classified as almost non-existent. 

    This advancement (while not such a game changer to you) is helping in the initiative for energy conservation. In Pakistan, that priority is not really a choice but a necessity. 

    Energy-efficient car trackers are yet another way we are taking a conscious stand toward our energy future. These devices are helping to pave the way for the reduction of energy consumption through a conscious decision on which devices we allow in our increasingly energy-conscious landscape.

    1- Green Roads through Smart Driving:

    Beyond protecting our cars in Pakistan, these devices are uniquely positioned to transition us towards greener driving habits.

    Real-time monitoring allows car trackers to observe driving behaviors – from speed to acceleration and idle time. This data is leveraged to provide personalized feedback, translating these little guardians into mentors pushing us towards fuel-efficient driving.

    As air quality in Pakistani urban centers – including Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar – hangs in the balance, adopting smarter driving practices is more than personal; it’s a way to reduce our carbon footprint collectively. 

    And with every driver turning into a car tracker-touting guardian of clean air and green roads, the bigger picture is an environment that’s less of a hazard and more of a sanctuary.

    2- Electronic Ecosystems Teeming with Green Vistas:

    Tomorrow’s greener ecosystem won’t just survive off hardier and less hazardous materials. It will need a little help from car trackers to ensure that the electronic ecosystem is sustainable from end to end.

    The white knights in this stirring transformation, car tracker manufacturers are increasingly angling for recyclable materials and manufacturing processes that are much less of a burden on the environment. 

    This quest for green sources isn’t just limited to the materials in the device, either. By making their devices’ components upgradeable and through firmware updates, car trackers minimize the volume of electronic waste generated – living up to the car tracker industry’s broader precept of care.

    In a nation where electronic waste management is still in its infancy, the conscious decisions we make, such as choosing devices derived from more sustainable practices, add up to a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow.

    3- A Step Closer to Ecological Reform:

    While car trackers alone may not revolutionize the face of the environment today, collectively, they exert a mighty influence on the grand tapestry of sustainability. 

    It’s more than personal security; the shift toward eco-friendly car trackers is a signal of Pakistan becoming a society conscious of the ecological. These devices are more than apparatus; they are infusing a cult of knowledge and awareness. 

    Car trackers become part of the education and enlightenment in a nation where environmental consciousness is being gradually cultivated. They denote the drive toward progress in aligning our wending to a greener future with the everyday choices we make.

    Going Green The Pakistani Way:

    Incorporating the Pakistani community, with its vibrant bazaars and stunning landscapes, adds a unique flavor to the green movement. 

    Opting for eco-friendly car trackers means staying connected isn’t simply about staying connected; here, it’s about connecting with the world in a manner consistent with our own—carrying the cultural torch of our origins forward in a manner that shows it isn’t just what we aspire to be … 

    … It is who we are!

    1. Embracing Cultural Symbols of Progress:

    In a land noted for the seamless way, history fades into tradition until the two are indistinguishable; car trackers, as a part of a green and clean Pakistan, proceed beyond a mere choice about technology and take on the mantle of being a symbol of our progress. 

    As Pakistanis, we pride ourselves on our ability to walk the line that lets us incorporate modernity without losing our link to our traditions. The streets of our hectic cities, where vibrant bazaars intermingle with soaring skyscrapers, are where the green movement takes on an urban hue. 

    The adoption of eco-friendly car trackers by city dwellers becomes a statement—a purposeful decision to not only navigate the concrete jungle but to weave the iridescent thread of green values into the fabric of our modern lifestyles. 

    It’s a pledge to breathe life into our cities, where every ride spells a healthier and untainted atmosphere.

    2- From the rickshaws to the SUVs: 

    A common green vision. In a nation where the highways are shared by rickshaws, motorbikes, and monster SUVs alike, the installation of eco-friendly car trackers represents a united green vision.

    It’s not about the make of the car but the joint commitment to lessen our collective carbon footprint. 

    Whether cutting through the historic streets of Lahore or cruising along Karachi’s coastline, each car fitted with a car tracker morphs into a mobile envoy of environmental consciousness—a mantra of change embraced by a varied consortium in Pakistan.

    3- The essence of Responsible Driving:

    Ours is a nation where poetry flows through our veins and resonates in our conversations. The adoption of eco-friendly car trackers? That’s akin to composing verses of responsible driving. 

    Real-time feedback on driving habits becomes a poetic dialogue between the driver and the environment, a lyrical reminder that each journey contributes to the larger narrative of sustainability in Pakistan.

    4- Harmony in the Rural Landscape:

    In the serene rural landscapes that drape our country’s canvas, the adoption of eco-friendly car trackers becomes as harmonious as another note in a melody. As the plow tills and the village dirt roads are filled with the joy of gossip, the eco-friendly car tracker is but a silken impact. 

    It’s a salute to sustainable practices that echo the reverence with which we should tread the earth – for tilled fields to yield to asphalt could undermine the beauty in those fields.

    5- Innovations Rooted in Tradition:

    In a land where innovations are often a continuation of our tradition, the adoption of eco-friendly car trackers is a beautiful progression. Where we fold new technologies seamlessly into the fabric of daily life, the car tracker is an innovation that can stand shoulder to shoulder with ancient wisdom. 

    It’s a high-five to our ancestors who knew that progress does not have to mean a rupture with who we are.

    Our bustling street corners hold a story at every turn, and every decision toward sustainable living helps weave an even richer tapestry into the future of our nation. 

    As our roads transition to pathways eliminating pollution and adversity, one thing becomes clear with every mile: some are designed to lead us to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable Pakistan.

    Concluding Remarks

    In conclusion, car trackers not only provide a unique opportunity for positive change but also seamlessly integrate with the ethos of responsible driving and green practices.

    From encouraging eco-friendly driving habits to promoting responsible energy consumption, the environmental impact of both car trackers and conscientious car repair services contributes significantly to steering Pakistan towards a greener future. Let the roads that connect us all pulse with the promise of a healthier tomorrow, thanks to the combined efforts of car trackers and the valuable car repair services that add to the tapestry of a greener and more sustainable future! tomorrow!

    Navigating Car Tracker Installation: A Step-by-Step Guide for Pakistani Car Owners

    car tracker installation

    Are you worried about the shipping of your car? Or you are more concerned about recovering your stolen vehicle! Well, sometimes, we only want to make sure that our teenage lad hasn’t been venturing farther from home without our permission – and for that, a GPS tracker can be a lifesaver for your vehicle.

    Nowadays, the Pakistani market offers a wide variety of tracking device types, so a wide range of installation methods are available. We’ll talk about the different kinds of GPS trackers in this article, along with installation instructions for Pakistani car owners. So, without further ado, let’s get into it:

    What Kinds of GPS Tracking Devices Are There?

    In Pakistan and throughout the world, most GPS trackers are intended for use with automobiles and larger vehicles, such as trailers or boats. They are frequently smaller than a cell phone and can yet be quite tiny.

    Many don’t need big batteries to run because they are powered by the car. Nevertheless, they are mostly available in several varieties. Hardwired, battery-powered, and plug-in are the three main varieties that we will be discussing in this blog.

    Plug-in GPS Trackers

    Plug-in GPS trackers physically plug into an automotive connector. Plug-in trackers are small, easy to install, and have the ability to determine if a car is on or off. They can transition between an active and a sleep state as a result. Plug-in models can be used for business or personal purposes.

    Hardwired GPS Trackers

    This type of GPS car tracker is connected to the car directly. If a car doesn’t have an OBD II port, this can be done. Hardwired GPS trackers can also be made to look different. Since they are not attached to the OBD port, they can be placed anywhere beneath the dashboard. In Pakistan, company owners (especially in Karachi) frequently use hardwired GPS trackers to monitor their work trucks.

    Battery-Powered GPS Trackers

    Battery-powered GPS trackers function separately from a car’s electrical system. They come with a long-lasting battery of their own and don’t require installation. Like any other tracking gadget, they let monitors know where they are. To conserve battery life, they usually report every 15 minutes when moving and once every 4 hours when stationary.

    Installing Car Trackers: A Step-by-Step Guide for Pakistani Car Owners

    There are often two options available to you when it comes to GPS installation in your car as previously discussed: hardwired and plug-in types.

    Wiring is not necessary for plug-in vehicle trackers because they connect straight to an OBD-II port. Conversely, hardwired GPS trackers need a cable to be connected to the car. Regardless of the option you select for your car, you’ll want to know how to install it correctly.

    Installing GPS Trackers Hardwired

    Here’s a three-step installation process for a hardwired GPS car tracker for Pakistani car owners:

    1. Find a spot for installation: Your device will be fitted in the car once you and your mechanic have decided on a spot that is accessible yet still hidden from the driver and would-be thieves. The gadget can be quickly and easily mounted, and 3M VHB tape or zip tie straps are usually used to attach it.
    2. Attach the GPS to a power supply: Three wires of different colors are included with the gadget; these must be connected in the proper order. Attach a grounding point to the black wire first. Next, attach the red wire to the 12-volt power source in your car. Lastly, attach the white wire to your car’s 12-volt ignition source that you have chosen to switch on.

    Ensure correct installation: After the cable is connected to a power source, your hardwired GPS tracker ought to start operating. After parking the car farther away from a good signal source, start it, wait five minutes, then switch off the engine and start it again to start your test. Installer Check will provide you with guidance on how to finish the verification

    Installing GPS Tracker Plug-in

    Here’s a three-step installation process for a plug-in GPS car tracker for Pakistani car owners:

    1. Install the tracking device: Finding the OBD-II connector on your car is the first step in installing our plug-in vehicle trackers, which are directly attached to the connector. After that, the tie strip will be positioned in a gap above the connector. Lastly, plug the tracking device into the connector and affix it to the adhesive strip.
    2. Employ an extension cord: If you don’t want to insert your plug-in tracker right into the OBD-II port. With the help of this extension wire, you may put the gadget somewhere more practical, like beneath the dashboard of your automobile. Just attach the extension cable to the OBD-II connector on the tracker to begin using it.
    3. Begin monitoring: With your equipment connected and securely attached, pull your car into an open space that offers a clean view of the sky. As soon as your car is started, the tracker will start to follow you. The GPS trackers usually take 5 minutes to start.

    Instances of poorly installed GPS Car trackers

    Both frequent and unusual installation problems can hamper any device’s capacity to acquire precise positioning data. Look for the following instances to identify poor GPS car tracker installation:

    • Your device will have trouble picking up satellite or cell tower signals if it is outdated or has poor GPS reception.
    • Any device’s GPS may not function properly if the battery is low.
    • The GPS track deviates from the intended course.

    Some Easy Pointers for Installing GPS in Cars

    There shouldn’t be instant access to the GPS tracker. This will stop the driver or any passengers from destroying or removing the tracker. Other pointers include:

    • The device needs to be placed in the service access area (under the dashboard, for example).
    • The gadget needs to be firmly fixed on a flat surface. Zip ties or double-sided tape should be used to secure it. The object has to be inverted.
    • Keep cables and metal surfaces away from your GPS tracker. Additionally, because it will be damaged, the device cannot be connected to any moving or heat-producing parts.
    • The gadget is responsive to movement since it has an accelerometer. It is recommended that the installation site be stable and vibration-free.
    • Verify that the GPS is operating correctly before locking. Examine the lights, tones, online display, or sample data, depending on the system. For this, you may need to travel three to five kilometers in areas with spotty network service.

    Key Takeaways

    Suppose you have installed the GPS car tracker in your car and have looked for the identifiers – congratulations! It has been correctly installed, and you can sit back and relax. You no longer have to suffer the constant anxiety of car theft anymore!

    Nevertheless, if you are someone who hasn’t bought a car tracker yet, what are you waiting for? GPS car trackers are not an expense – they are an investment worthwhile! You can safeguard your car, and on top of that, you can always stay aware of who’s taking your car and where!

    So, what are you waiting for? Visit our site and place an order today!

    Car Theft Impact, & Trackers in Pakistan


    Having your car stolen behind your back has a significant psychological impact. Victims of car theft have often reported suffering from psychological distress, significant anxiety, and hostility issues. And no, it doesn’t come and go – the psychological impact of car theft or any kind of burglary is considerable and expected to last for a prolonged period of time.

    Nevertheless, with a car tracker installed in your car, you can relax with this peace of mind that you have the situation under control – or perhaps you can try your best to regain control of your car.

    Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the psychological toll a human’s brain takes if they have been a victim of car theft. Furthermore, we will also discuss how car trackers can provide peace of mind in Pakistan. So, without further ado, let us get into it:

    The psychological impact on victims of car theft in Pakistan

    Nowadays, with inflation rising and uncertainties taking a toll, we all worry if someone’s going to steal our vehicle. From bike riders to car owners, everyone is worried if their assets are safe. We expect the obvious financial toll from thefts – little do we expect the emotional and psychological aftereffects of car theft or burglary in Pakistan.

    According to Alan Beaton’s study on the psychological impact of burglary, feeling anxious, depressed, fatigued, confused, and hostile for an extended period after being a victim of domestic burglary is the obvious psychological aftermath for the victims of theft or burglary.

    The following are some of the psychological hardships a person has to go through if they have been a victim of car theft.

    Increased fear of crime

    The obvious psychological impact of car theft is increased fear of that incident repeating itself. What’s more? This increased fear of crime is directly proportional to psychological distress, putting the victim at high risk of developing stress disorders, including Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

    Anger and confusion about the event

    Studies report that the victims of theft constantly overthink what they could have done better or else that event would not have happened. This leads to prolonged anger, frustration, and confusion occurring simultaneously in a person’s brain for an extended period.

    Depression and fatigue due to distress

    Psychological distress leads to increased fear and anxiety, often leading to increased levels of adrenaline consumption – thus leading to depression and tiredness for the victims of car theft in Pakistan. Depression, if developed in a person, puts them at high risk of developing socially isolating behaviours.

    Anxiousness and hostility

    Victims of car theft in Pakistan are often seen displaying anxious and hostile behavior. This behavior is the direct result of the constant state of mental anguish and fear of crime. Therefore, victims of car theft in Pakistan are at high risk of developing social behavior disorders.

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

    A person’s financial asset is mostly a guarantee of a safe future for them. In Pakistan, most people invest in land and fleet to safeguard their futures. Therefore, car theft in Pakistan often results not just in the loss of safety but also in the loss of personhood – thus putting that person at high risk of developing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

    How does a car tracker save you from this psychological toll in Pakistan?

    Now that we have discussed the psychological and emotional aftermath of a burglary or a car theft – or any robbery per se let’s move on to the solution. It is obvious from the studies that the psychological toll begins exactly the moment the victims of car theft start thinking, “What should I have done better to have that theft not happen to me?”

    We bring you the answer to this very thought: Installing a car tracker in your car is what you should have done better. Consider a scenario where you don’t have a car tracker installed in your car in Pakistan. In that case, you don’t have any traces of where your car is. Now, consider the same case, but this time, put a car tracker in place. Now, you can not only track your car, but take evidence to police and bring them exactly where the robber has parked your car.

    And that’s not all; a car tracker can bring you more peace of mind in the following ways:

    Remote listening

    Many car trackers come with a remote listening feature. This means exactly what you are thinking: you can listen to your robbers planning the theft and make a joke out of it when you submit that as evidence to the police.

    Live tracking

    While the thieves think they are taking your car away from you, you can actually keep track of where your car is at that time without them even knowing this. This feature saves you not only from anxiety but also the long chain of psychological events that it brings alongside it.  

    History mapping

    With a car tracker installed on your car, you can not only keep an eye on where your car is at that time but can also see where else it has been. This feature comes in handy as it often comes with geofencing, therefore alerting you exactly when your car is being taken outside your desired boundaries. It saves you a lot of overthinking!

    Automatic recording

    Some car trackers – not all – come with this exclusive spy camera feature, where you get an automatic recording of what’s happening in the car as soon as the tracker is turned on. You can use these recordings as theft evidence for police departments.

    Wireless and hidden

    Car trackers are tiny gadgets. They are mostly installed under the dashboard, where they are absolutely hidden. And that is the case for only hard-wired and plug-in trackers. If you are getting a battery-powered tracker, you can hide it anywhere, and nobody’s going to find it.


    Having a car tracker installed in your car in Pakistan is of utmost importance. Pakistan is going through tough times, and the inflation in our country is at an all-time high. Therefore, the risk of uncertainty is also increasing. Nevertheless, having a car tracking device installed in your car in Pakistan can bring you peace of mind and save you from the long list of psychological impacts that come as an aftermath of a car theft.