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Car Tracker Company in Peshawar

Car Tracker Price in Peshawar

Peshawar, in northwest Pakistan, is a key business city. It’s near the old Khyber Pass, a famous trade route that has helped the city grow rich over hundreds of years. Today, Peshawar is known for its busy markets and a business hub in South Asia.

Car safety, on the other hand, is a concern in Peshawar despite its many positives. Peshawar has seen increased car theft in recent times. Over half of the stolen vehicles in Peshawar last year remained untraced.

This has everyone worried about their cars getting stolen as well. Car tracking devices provide an affordable and trustworthy way to address daily concerns about car theft. For a lot of residents of Peshawar, these trackers offer a practical solution to put their minds at ease. TrackingHub is a known pioneer in the industry providing cost-effective car trackers for the people of Peshawar.

Car Tracker Price in Peshawar

Basic Plan

Rs 12,000

(Next year AMF will be PKR 8,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Standard Plan

Rs 16000

(Next year AMF will be PKR 10,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Premium Plan

Rs 20,000

(Next year AMF wil be PKR 12,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Why Car Trackers are Essential in Peshawar

Peshawar is a big city in Pakistan that makes a lot of money from selling clothes. Many famous clothing companies have factories there. But this also means car thieves might try to steal from the wealthy people living in Peshawar.

When cars get stolen, it costs people in Peshawar a lot of money. Police and officials are trying to combat this problem, but local residents are considering using smarter devices to solve this problem.

These problems can be eliminated if more people start using car trackers in their daily lives.

They are the smart tools that get rid of your worries. A car tracker will show the location of your car, no matter where it is.

When the car tracker shows that your car’s moving when it should’ve been parked, this gives you an opportunity to act quickly and keep your vehicle safe!

Car Problems in Peshawar

  • High-value cars without security: Some wealthy people in Peshawar own expensive cars. But they don’t add extra security features to them. This makes these valuable cars prime targets for the car thieves.
  • Leaving valuables visible: Lots of car owners in Peshawar leave things like phones or wallets where anyone can see them in their cars. This tempts thieves to break in, even if they didn’t plan to steal the whole car.
  • Using outdated security systems: Many cars in Peshawar have old-fashioned locks. These are much easier for modern thieves to pick or bypass.

How Car Trackers can Address these Challenges

  • Real Time Tracking & Reports: You’ll have peace of mind with our car tracking service, which lets you see where your vehicle is. You can trust us with your vehicle that it’s being monitored by a reliable company using the best tracking devices.
  • Mobile APP (iOS & Android): You can keep an eye on your car’s location using our new mobile app, which we created ourselves for both iPhone and Android. Even if you’re miles away, you’ll be able to see exactly where it is parked.
  • Single Geofence Out Alert: Once you have your tracker, you can set Peshawar as your car’s designated location. If your vehicle leaves the Peshawar area, you’ll get a call right away to let you know.
  • 24/7 Control Room Monitoring: Our team will keep a close watch on your car’s tracking with 24/7 assistance. You can rest easy at night or during your workday, knowing that our helpful staff is looking out for your car’s safety.

If you’re living in Peshawar, you’ve probably noticed the rise in vehicle thefts. With car prices climbing on a yearly basis, some people might not be in the luxury to buy a new one if theirs gets stolen.

You’ve got to protect your car without spending a fortune on a new one. You need to keep it safe by purchasing TrackingHub’s car trackers.

Features of Our Car Trackers

We’ve listed some of the features so your car remains safe in Peshawar.

Benefits of TrackingHub Car Trackers:

  • Towing Detection: This feature alerts you immediately if someone tries to tow your car away. You can act quickly, contacting the police and possibly stopping the theft before it’s too late.
  • Moving Analytics: This tool shows you how, when, and where your car moves. It helps you spot any unusual trips, like if your car is driven when you’re not using it, which could mean it’s been stolen.
  • Harsh Braking: The tracker will tell you when your car brakes too hard. This can show if someone else is driving your car recklessly, or if a thief is trying to escape with your vehicle.
  • Harsh Acceleration: You’ll know if your car is being driven aggressively, with rapid speed-ups. This might indicate a car thief trying to get away fast, giving you a chance to alert authorities promptly.
  • Harsh Cornering: The device detects if your car takes turns too sharply. This could reveal dangerous driving by a thief trying to evade capture, helping police track your car’s movement.

Installation and Support in Peshawar

TrackingHub has made it quite easy for the people of Peshawar to order and install their car tracker.

To start the ordering process, you first need to select which package suits you the most. We currently offer three packages on our website. Each package has its own set of features for your vehicle safety needs, and each are priced accordingly.

The packages range from:

  1. Basic Plan
  2. Standard Plan
  3. Premium Plan

Before you even order, you need to first analyse which package do you want? Which package makes the most sense to you and your needs?

After you select the package, you’ll then be taken to a new page. That’s the Contact Us page where you’ll put the required details in the form. Once we have your information, we’ll then contact you personally.

We’ve hired people from Peshawar as well to help you in any inquiry regarding the installation of our car tracker.

Once you receive the order, putting the car tracker in your car is easy. It’s a straight forward process, but we know things can get complicated, so we’ll send our Peshawar team to help install it for you.

After that, you should be able to link the car tracker to your smartphone.

Our trackers are reliable and you can depend on them to work in any scenario.

Car Tracker Peshawar Contact Number

Feel free to call us at the given number (+92)-346-2227799. Write us an email for any inquiry at the following email address:​