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Car Tracker Company in Sialkot

Car Tracker Price in Sialkot

Sialkot is a city that reflects the industrial power and cultural richness that exists within Pakistan. But, this industrial city responsible for manufacturing sporting goods and medical equipment industries faces a growing challenge: vehicle thefts.

Vehicle theft crimes have been quite prominent since 2020. 4 years ago, the official numbers for stolen vehicles was in the ballpark range of 600+. In just one year, car thieves became more active.

There have been talks of a considerable jump in stolen vehicles, with reports suggesting well over 2,000 taken in 2021. This increase has caused a lot of concern for both local authorities and residents.

This is a huge 210.23% increase in vehicle theft in just one year! This has caused residents of Sialkot to be cautious about the safety of their vehicle.

Residents of Sialkot can opt for car trackers to help ease their worries about car safety. They are relatively low-priced smart tools that can be used to solve the car theft problem in Sialkot.

TrackingHub has been gaining popularity as a well-known brand that provides rich safety feature benefits to safeguard your vehicle.

Car Tracker Price in Sialkot

Basic Plan

Rs 12,000

(Next year AMF will be PKR 8,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Standard Plan

Rs 16000

(Next year AMF will be PKR 10,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Premium Plan

Rs 20,000

(Next year AMF wil be PKR 12,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Why Car Trackers are Essential in Sialkot

Sialkot has been a contributor to the rising economy of Pakistan for many decades. Its importance of being a cultural icon and a hub for exporting high demand goods does not go unnoticed.

A recent trend in Sialkot shows an increase in vehicle thefts. Sialkot residents are using various security measures, including car trackers, to protect their vehicles.

Many people’s worries can get eliminated with the help of car trackers.

A key benefit of our car trackers is getting real-time information about your vehicle’s location. If your car should be parked outside your office, and you see that it’s currently moving, you can act quick and alert the right authorities.

Car Problems in Sialkot

  • Unsecured Keyless Entry: As business expands in the city of Sialkot, more people are now buying high-end cars with keyless entry. Without proper protection, thieves can intercept signals, unlocking cars without a trace.
  • No GPS or VIN Etching: Given Sialkot’s global trade links, car theft for international smuggling is on the rise. Many don’t use GPS trackers or etch Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) on windows. This makes stolen cars hard to trace once they leave the city.
  • Weak Central Locking Systems: As much as people are moving towards the latest car models, many Sialkot residents own older model cars with outdated central locking systems. Car thieves can easily bypass them, gaining quick access without raising alarms. This is because the central locking systems are vulnerable.

How Car Trackers can Address these Challenges

  • Real Time Tracking & Reports: After installing one of our car trackers, you’ll continuously receive updates on your vehicle’s location. Whether you’re at your house or at your office, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is being closely monitored.
  • Mobile APP (iOS & Android): Car trackers often come with a mobile application as well to keep track of your car no matter where it is. You don’t even have to use the web portal to see, as you’ll be seeing it in the palm of your hands.
  • Single Geofence Out Alert: This feature is handy when you want to limit your car to just one specific location. If you’re living in Sialkot, you can set the geofencing to be around the area of Sialkot. You’ll get a prompt alert if your vehicle goes beyond the geofence boundaries.”
  • 24/7 Control Room Monitoring: Car tracking companies usually have 24/7 control room monitoring. That means, at any given point, a staff of the company is monitoring your car closely. At no point your car is left alone.

Car theft reports are continuously rising each day, as new complaints come forward of a car theft in Sialkot.

With the current economic situation, car prices are continuously being priced up by the companies. If car thieves steal your car, it’s hard to afford getting another one.

For this reason, you need a safety tool that protects your vehicle and saves you from spending an exorbitant amount on a new car.

Investing in TrackingHub’s affordable car tracker is a better option than buying a new car in these times.

Features of Our Car Trackers

The car trackers at TrackingHub provide a large list of safety features that you and your car need for a peace of mind.

I’m listing the five benefits you’ll receive from using our trackers:

  • Drive & Stop Report (3 Years): You can check how you drive and find ways to save time and fuel. This report helps you see where you can do better and look back at old trips if there’s ever a problem or a question about what happened.
  • Location on Demand: You can find your car anytime you need it, which helps you plan your schedule better.
  • Assistance in Theft Case: If your car gets stolen, the police can use the tracker to find it quickly. It’ll give you a better chance of getting your car back.
  • Over Speed Alerts (Push Notifications/App Alerts): You’ll also get alerts if someone is driving too fast. This would be an indicator if someone stole your car and is now speeding away. You can use this feature along with the Location on Demand to quickly be on high alert.
  • Ignition ON/OFF Alerts (Push Notifications/App Alerts): You get a message if your car is started when it shouldn’t be, helping you know right away if someone is trying to take your car

Installation and Support in Sialkot

Whether you’re living in Sialkot, or any other city, the ordering process for the car tracker is very easy.

To begin the process, you’ll first want to select the plan that suits your needs.

We’re currently offering three packages. Each of the packages comes with its own features and price point.

Please select the one which fits your budget and safety needs for your vehicle.

The packages range from:

  1. Basic Plan
  2. Standard Plan
  3. Premium Plan

Once you’ve picked a plan, you’ll then share your contact details with us on the next page. Over there, you’ll have to fill out a form on the Contact Page and submit it.

We’ll call you shortly after the submission to confirm the order.

Whether you live in the city center, or in the rural parts of Sialkot, our team covers every part of it.

Once you’ve received our car tracker, installing it in the car is also a breeze. We’ve made sure the guidelines are as easy to follow.

But, if for some reason, you’re not sure how to install the car tracker, we’ll send our team to help fit the tracker for you.

The next step is using our in-house built mobile application to link with your phone. So you can track your car easily. Everything is mentioned on the application, as we’ve worked hard with the developers to make it easy and intuitive.

We believe in our product, as we know it won’t fail when many of the competitor’s products fail. We’ve also hired local people from Sialkot to assist you in any inquiry you have.

Car Tracker Sargodha Contact Number

Feel free to call us at (+92)-346-2227799​. We’ll gladly assist you in any inquiry you might have. Want to reach us by email? Drop your message to the email listed, and we’ll reply to you as soon as we can:​