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Car Tracker Company in Rawalpindi

Car Tracker Price in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is the 4th largest city in Pakistan. It’s gone from being a part of historical heritage in the sub-continent, to now being an economic powerhouse near its twin city, Islamabad.

But, such a change also presents concerns of safety and security for the peoples vehicles. There have been many more cars stolen lately, with more than 960 car thefts officially reported in just two weeks.

People are worried about their cars not being safe. To help people in Rawalpindi, they can use tracking tools to keep their cars secure. These tools don’t cost a large amount and are easy to maintain. They’re also good for dealing with more car crimes happening in Rawalpindi. TrackingHub is a company known for providing feature rich car trackers.

Car Tracker Price in Rawalpindi

Basic Plan

Rs 12,000

(Next year AMF will be PKR 8,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Standard Plan

Rs 16000

(Next year AMF will be PKR 10,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Premium Plan

Rs 20,000

(Next year AMF wil be PKR 12,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Why Car Trackers are Essential in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is a big city, known for its close ties with Islamabad. This makes it a prime target for people to steal valuable cars. This makes it a hot spot for car thieves.

A lot of expensive cars from both cities are targets.More and more cars are being stolen right outside of peoples homes. This has started to make the people very worried, and some societies are on high alert.

Rawalpindi is growing at a fast pace, it’s currently at 2 million population, the risk for car theft also increases.

With areas like Saddar always being jam-packed, it is becoming a hot-bed among the car thieves.

A lot of people in Rawalpindi are now turning towards these smart tools to avoid these car theft problems. Owning a car tracker helps alleviate these worries for many people.

Car Problems in Rawalpindi

  • Too much traffic: With a population of more than 2 million residents, the city is bound to have traffic problems. With fears of traffic congestion, many people park their cars far away from their actual destinations.
  • More Car Thefts: Unfortunately, car crimes are becoming more common. Most people never get to see their cars again. As stated previously, more than 960 car thefts have been reported so far in two weeks.
  • Close to Capital: Many people drive to Islamabad for work. More cars on the road mean more targets for thieves.
  • Fast Growth: The city is developing at a fast rate. It is expanding and more territories are being made. This results in those new areas lacking police stations. Car thieves find these spots easy to work in without getting caught.. Residents pay the price of having their vehicles stolen.

How Car Trackers can Address these Challenges

  • Real Time Tracking Reports: With this feature, you’ll always know where your vehicle is with our real time tracking reports. You’ll feel good knowing the right company’s trackers are keeping an eye on your car.
  • Mobile APP (iOS and Android): Use our new app for iPhone and Android to see where your vehicle is.
  • Single Geofence Out Alert: Set your car’s geofencing to Rawalpindi. You’ll get a call right away if the car leaves Rawalpindi.
  • 247 Control Room Monitoring: Our helpful staff will watch your car tracking 247. You can sleep or be at work, knowing our helpful staff are protecting your car

Car thefts are increasing no matter in which city you’re living in. With car prices going up on a yearly basis, not everyone can buy a new car, especially if the car they own gets stolen.

It’s important to keep your current car safe without spending a lot on a brand new one. You’ll be able to do this if you buy a car tracker from TrackingHub.

Features of Our Car Trackers

TrackingHubs car trackers will provide you with the benefits that’ll make your worries disappear.

Advantages of using our trackers:


  • Unlimited Users Accounts: You can also share the app with as many people as you want. If you share them with five people, then all five of them help can keep an eye on your vehicle. Everyone works together to protect your car in busy Rawalpindi.
  • Lifetime History: Backup This is such an under-rated feature of our tracker. You’ll always know where your car has been. Our system keeps a record forever. If your car goes missing, you can see its past routes. This helps authorities find it faster if it gets stolen. It’s very helpful in a city like Rawalpindi, where cars often disappear.
  • Harsh Braking: Get alerts when your car stops too quickly. This could mean your driver is not safe, or someone else is driving badly. Whatever the case is, you’ll know it right away. Then you can talk to your driver about being more careful on Rawalpindi’s busy roads.
  • Harsh Accelerator: Our tracker tells you if someone is speeding up too fast. A classic case of someone speeding away in your car. When you know this is happening, you can stop it.

Installation and Support in Rawalpindi

For people living in Rawalpindi, getting a TrackingHubs car tracker is not hard. You can go to our websites contact us page and then select a car tracker based on three different packages.

The packages are split into three categories. They are:

  1. Basic Plan
  2. Standard Plan
  3. Premium Plan

Once you’ve picked the package you want, you’ll then go to our contact page and fill out the form.

A staff member from TrackingHub’s team will call you to reconfirm the package you chose. Our staff works all over Rawalpindi, and you’ll not have any problems when it comes to the installation.

Whether you live near Saddar Bazaar or in quiet Bahria Town, we’re there. Putting a car tracker in your vehicle is not hard. But, if you can’t do it yourself, we’ll help install it for you.

You’ll find it easy to link your phone to our trackers. We made our own app for easily connecting the car tracker to your vehicle.

You can download it on your iOS or android device. A lot of car trackers just do not work, but not our tracker. We have also hired people from the city who know it very well. They know the problems of the local people like many cars getting stolen.

Car Tracker Rawalpindi Contact Number

Call us at (92)-346-2227799. You can also write to us at this email We’ll reply to you in the upcoming week days.