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Car Tracker Company in Faisalabad

Car Tracker Price in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is the 3rd largest city by population in Pakistan. It has also changed a lot in recent years. It used to be a small farming market, but now it’s a big city with lots of industrial growth in Pakistan.

This change, while offering benefits to its people, comes with a dark side: increased risk to vehicles. Faisalabad has recently seen an increased surge in car related crimes in recent times. With over 53 car thefts and 180 motorcycles reported in the last month alone. This has made the people feel unsafe regarding their valuable vehicles.

One solution for this problem is getting yourself a car tracker. If you’re worried about your car getting stolen,  smart tools such as a car tracker can help with this car theft problem. Car trackers are also a cheap and reliable way to deal with these daily worries for a lot of residents in Faisalabad. TrackingHub provides reliable car trackers that residents of Faisalabad can purchase for the safety of their vehicles.

Car Tracker Price in Faisalabad

Basic Plan

Rs 12,000

(Next year AMF will be PKR 8,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Standard Plan

Rs 16000

(Next year AMF will be PKR 10,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Premium Plan

Rs 20,000

(Next year AMF wil be PKR 12,000)

(Price includes 1st year monitoring fee)

Why Car Trackers are Essential in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is considered an industrial and an export hub especially for clothing factories. This makes it an excellent target for car thieves to steal people’s valuable vehicles.

With over 200+ vehicle thefts reported in a month, it has started to cause a panic among the population.  As the city is continuously growing, economically and population wise, so does the risk. The city’s busy areas, such as People’s Colony and Clock Tower, have become hotspots for car thieves.

Car trackers are being purchased by people in Faisalabad to keep their vehicles safe. They have a lot of different features. One of the most useful one is the ability to show your car’s location at any given time.

If your car moves when it’s not supposed to, the tracker quickly tells you. It’s this quick information which is the difference between getting your car stolen or acting fast and protecting your vehicle.

Car Problems in Faisalabad

  • Rise in Car Thefts: With more than 200+ vehicle thefts in just a month, car related crimes are increasing. This increase in the rates of car theft is becoming a problem, and people are looking for a solution.
  • Busy Areas: Car thieves often target busy areas like People’s Colony, D Ground, Madina Town, Clock Tower, and Jinnah Park. They know these areas have a high volume of traffic and less police presence.
  • Gangs and Networks: Faisalabad has seen its rise of gangs and networks over the years. They use special tools to turn off car computers. Then, they’ll sell the stolen cars very cheaply in hidden markets.

How Car Trackers can Address these Challenges

  • Real Time Tracking & Reports: Our car tracker will give you real time tracking and reports on your vehicle. You’ll feel secure that your vehicle is tracked by a reliable company like TrackingHub. With our trackers, you can trust your vehicle is in safe hands.
  • Mobile APP (iOS & Android): Once you have a mobile application downloaded on your favourite smartphone, you’ll be able to track your vehicle no matter where you are. It’s going to show your vehicle’s location as long as the device is connected to the internet.
  • Single Geofence Out Alert: Geofencing allows you to set the location of your car to Faisalabad. You’ll be notified instantly if your vehicle exits the boundaries you’ve set.
  • 24/7 Control Room Monitoring: Companies’ team will constantly monitor your car with round the clock helpful support. You’ll be able to sleep easily or stay at the office late.

Car thefts are happening more and more in Faisalabad. Prices of the cars are also going up each year, so not everyone can get a new car if their current one gets stolen.

Your current car needs more safety without spending a lot of money on a brand new one. You can do this by investing in TrackingHub’s car trackers.

Features of Our Car Trackers

Our car trackers come with features that make sure your car’s safety in Faisalabad. By using our trackers, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • 24/7 Control Room Watching: Our team always watches your car, even at 3 AM. If we see something fishy about the movement of your car, we’ll call you as soon as possible. This keeps your car safe all day and night in Faisalabad.
  • Real time tracking: Use your phone to see where your car is now in Faisalabad’s busy streets. Stuck in traffic on Sargodha Road? The app shows quieter routes. This saves time and keeps your car away from jams.
  • Nationwide Tracking: Your car stays secure even when you leave Faisalabad. Whether you’re going on a trip to Karachi or working in Islamabad, our tracker works everywhere in Pakistan, making sure your car is always in the safe hands.
  • Web Access Portal: Our new web portal gives you the ability to easily check your vehicle from anywhere. Even while you’re at the office, you can securely monitor your vehicle.
  • Mobile App iOS/Android (Multiple Users): Our app has been developed to work on any phone, whether you use Android or iOS. While you’re away from your laptop, you can still track your car and make sure its safe.

Installation and Support in Faisalabad

Getting a TrackingHub car tracker in Faisalabad is easy. First, you need to choose a package that are displayed on our website. They are:

  1. Basic Plan
  2. Standard Plan
  3. Premium Plan

After picking a package, you’ll go to next page, which is going to be the contact page. Over there, you’ll be filling out the form with the necessary information.

One of our representative is going to call you to confirm the package. Our team works all across Faisalabad, covering both the city and rural areas.

We want to make using our car trackers easy for you. And our team in Faisalabad really knows the area well, including the high rates of car theft there. So, they’ll provide the best help and advice for keeping your vehicle secure.

Car Tracker Faisalabad Contact Number

The easiest way to reach us is at (+92)-346-2227799​. We can also be reached via email. The email to contact us is mentioned here:​. We look forward to hearing from you.